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While we are very passionate about authentic African and Indian food products, we also value our vast network that allows us to supply other mainstream top products and unique brands at competitive prices. We offer you the most varied products such as; rice, herbs, spices, oils, lentils and much more. The total assortment includes more than 1000 articles. Our specialised procurement team guarantees quality, exclusivity and, above all, competitive prices. Also, we are constantly adding new lines and the fresh assortments are updated monthly.

We at Toptropics take pride in our customers and suppliers and for this reason we pay a great deal of attention at maintaining valuable and lasting relationship with both. Our customer base includes Wholesalers, Retail Supermarkets, Restaurants and Retail Stores.


Thanks to the good relations maintained with manufacturers/suppliers all over the globe, Toptropics is able to offer the best quality goods at reasonable prices and it also holds exclusive distribution rights for a range of well-known brands. With its customer-friendly sales team, Top-tropics ensures that customers get their goods on time and in the best quality.

Our Mission

“To serve as a window for the ethnic sectors/markets while capturing a sizeable market share for our own labels with integrity and excellence” The demand and popularity of Asian, Oriental, Caribbean and African food products have increased tremendously in the past decades all over Europe and UK. Asian, Caribbean and African ingredients have become staples in many British and European kitchens. Toptropics Ltd. is committed to supplying and distributing high quality Asian, Caribbean, African and international labels to ethnic stores, supermarkets, food service providers and wholesalers. While our friendly sales staff at Toptropics Ltd is committed to offering customers with quality food products at reasonable prices we also assure excellence and brandloyalty.

Our Values

Our Work ethics and values are reflected in the way we do our business. We strongly believe in honesty, individual ethics, personal integrity and working within the legal norms of trade. We respect both, our own people and those who we do business with.

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